Bioinformatics Level-1

Course Description-

To understand the scope and applications of bioinformatics. The beginner course has been designed for individuals who are keen on bioinformatics but have little idea on where to start. In this course, you will be introduced to the tools, techniques and programs bioinformaticians use professionally. And, you will be shown the applications of such tools in the research field, alongside practicing how to process and use them.

Course Content-

  1. Introduction of tools and software and discussion on their uses
  2. Basic bioinformatics tools and online software
  3. Protein modelling using online server
  4. Protein Interaction Calculation using online server
  5. Visualization of protein complex and finding H-bonding of the complex

Course Duration-10days


  • Date : 21-3-2021 - 31-3-2021
  • Reg. Deadline : 22-3-2021

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