Course Description-

Inception is a course designed to groom the fresh scientific graduates of our country. We focus on presenting information to our students which would further their research careers and help them achieve a through concept of the academic field. They will learn about the ins and outs of publishing a research paper alongside input on how to increase the chances of getting their paper published.

Course Content-

  1. Different types of publication
  2. Early Career Preparation
  3. Literature Review and Hypothesis
  4. Designing and Conducting Laboratory Experiments
  5. Data Collection, Tabulation and Analysis
  6. Manuscript Writing: Methods & Results
  7. Manuscript Writing: Introduction & Discussion
  8. Manuscript Writing: Title, Abstract & Reference
  9. Formatting, Journal Selection, Submission
  10. Challenges & Solutions for Student Researchers

Course Duration-20days


  • Date : 15-1-2021 - 31-1-2021
  • Reg. Deadline : 15-1-2021

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