Publishing Review Papers

Course Description-

A fundamental limitation that students and young researchers face when starting out, is the lack of research funding. The fresh graduates of the country often suffer from a lack of work and experience, due to the absence of published papers and articles. To combat this, a simple solution is to write review papers and articles which do not require any funding. In order to learn and implement the process of researching without funds, we have developed this program for students and researchers.

Course Content-

  1. How to conduct a systematic review
  2. Questionnaire based study
  3. How to conduct a scoping review
  4. How to write an effective narrative review
  5. Editorials, Letter to the Editor, Commentaries etc.

Course Duration-7 days


  • Date : 22-3-2021 - 26-3-2021
  • Reg. Deadline : 22-3-2021

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