My editor is a part of our editorial service provided by Red and White innovations.

If you have a completed manuscript or writing that is need of polishing and editing for submission and publication, we can help.

Red and White specializes in journal manuscript organization, representation and editorial services. 

Red and White Innovations

Making the writing efficient- 

Our employees and collaborators are well known scientific writers, who have had several altercations and discussions with journal editors and reviewers. We first experienced the revision process when submitting our collaborators’ manuscript to a journal, and after several rounds of editing, we understood that each journal has several unique specifications and requirements. To combat this, my editor is a service that takes your writing and streamlines it in a way that maximizes the acceptance rate for publication. 


Personal Writing Coach- 

Our writing and consultancy services are not limited to mere editing, we specialize in writing guidance and special practice courses that take your writing to the next level. We have worked with authors in a variety of academic fields, to enhance their skills and writing process to match with the very best in the world. 


Getting Started- 

If you’re still nervous about talking with us, cause you’re not sure if we can help. Don’t worry! We were too once skeptical about how these services might benefit us, so please reach out to us with any queries you might have, and let’s talk about where we can go from there. 

Also, a query is not any commitment, we appreciate any questions and inquiries, but that doesn’t mean you have to avail our services. 



Our rates are dependent on what your writing requires and the length of your work. If your work requires extensive restructuring and editing, we will provide feedback and how to work around it. However, we highly discourage you to believe or expect that we will write for you, or prepare your manuscript, as this would be against our ethical values. 



Structural Assessment- 1500tk

Partial Assessment- 2500tk 

Full Assessment- Dependent on the length of the manuscript

Contact– +880251050434

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